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...but do you know you?

Job applications, interviews, scholarship forms, therapists, dates...everybody has questions to "get to know you". What is your previous work history? Tell me about a time you had to deal with a tough customer. Please list your extra curricular activities. Why do you think you do that? What do you like to do on Friday nights? But does any of this actually equal YOU?

Better yet, do you know you? Not just in the warm fuzzy, I'm not asking your favorite food and favorite color. I mean, do you know actual measurable things about yourself? Do you know how much you can deadlift (this is a weightlifting term...not encouraging murder)? Do you have any idea if you can complete a Sudoku puzzle? How many meals can you cook without a recipe? How long of a monologue/poem/quote can you memorize? How many books of the Bible can you remember?

Do I think these equal YOU? No, not really. But it is about you getting to know you.

How many times have you heard someone reference something about themselves, and you instantly discount yourself from being "that" kind of person, just because you've never tried.

"Oh, you just finished reading your 3rd book of the week? I'm not a reader."

"You can bench press twice your body weight? I'm too lazy for the gym."

"You made dinner for 20 of your closest friends? I burn ramen."

The irony is that we jump to these conclusions without actually ever testing the waters or trying. We just stick to the "not us" identity.

Have you ever considered what would happen if we responded by WONDERING about ourselves instead?

"Oh, you just finished reading your 3rd book of the week? I wonder if I can read 1 this year."

"You can bench press twice your body weight? I wonder if I can bench my cat."

"You made dinner for 20 of your closest friends? I wonder if I could make a whole meal."

This isn't about being great at anything. This isn't even about getting better at anything. This is a challenge to stay in the game; to hear people's accomplishments and be inspired. This is a reminder that CAN do almost anything, so go out and try! ...and let me know how it goes!

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