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Your teen wants a coach

Parents: FAQ


Mental health is very important!  If your child is battling anxiety, depression, addiction or other life threatening challenges - please find a medical professional to help them.  Coaching is not the solution.

If your teen is feeling overwhelmed by obligations, pressured by massive life choices, confused by what they are “supposed to be” feeling and melting down over the little things, I would love to work with them!  These are not signs of weakness or mental incapabilities, it often means they could benefit from an outside source assisting them in their thought processes.  

Where therapists may focus on survival techniques and coping mechanisms, my job as your teens coach is to focus on growth, goals and building their challenge tolerance. 


With the cost of college facing families of teenagers, investing in coaching may seem like an unnecessary expense.  Many have found the opposite. Coaching has helped students in two major ways:

  1. SCHOLARSHIPS.  Applying and competing for these financial awards can be overwhelming!  It can also be very difficult to qualify without “stand out” accomplishments.  As a coach I can set big, unique goals with your teen that can stand out on a scholarship application as well as help keep them on track with applications.

  2. CHOOSING A MAJOR.  The average college student in America changes their major three times in college; which can lead to entire years of tuition down the drain.  By stepping back and thinking thru your teens visions and values (not just the form from the high school counselor) - we can set a clearer path with less need for change once in college.


Many parents of teens looking towards college also begin feeling a pull towards a new journey in life.  While my aim is focused on teenagers, my passion is working with anyone excited, passionate and overwhelmed by their journey ahead.  If you are interested in working together, please reach out. We can connect and see if it would be a great fit!

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