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with Karena Cruse

I started coaching because I believe the “young adults” of our society are more powerful, passionate and motivated than ever before.  I also believe they are getting a lot of mixed messages which are not very empowering. It is time we help those young adults connect with their passions, set audacious goals and knock them out one by one until they KNOW exactly how powerful they really are.

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Karena helped me build my modeling portfolio in various ways. She taught me fluency while posing, modeling & acting etiquette, as well as confidence in front of the camera and in general. I highly recommend her for anyone pursuing modeling & acting, as she can truly help fulfill your passion!

Taylor Good

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My Journey to Coaching

Elementary school was great, middle school was an adventure, but whoever said high school was supposed to be the best time of my life seriously needed to pay more attention.  I had good grades and great friends, but felt trapped inside the school walls and city limits.  Next came the pressure to go to college and choose my forever path.  I went thru 5 different majors before finally earning my degree in psychology.  When it came time for my “happily ever after”, I still had no idea what I wanted to do.  More importantly, I knew I could study and pass tests, but I had no clue what I was truly capable of.

A huge blessing came shortly after graduation when a friend invited me to move from the middle of Iowa to the heart of Los Angeles.  I was terrified but knew I needed to put myself in an environment that forced me to grow.  Once the setting was right, I soared!  Before long I was connecting with business owners of all levels and backgrounds.  I found my passion in training aspiring models and talent.  I was able to celebrate seeing my students on billboards, in movies and traveling around the world. 

Eventually my path led me back to the Midwest where I was able to work with hundreds of teens throughout four different states.  I realized my passion was not just seeing them achieve success as models or actors, but also as charity organizers, podcast hosts, influencers and more. 

While I appreciated what “school” did for me, I truly believe we need to push ourselves further so we can truly find our place to soar.

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My Take on Coaching

The world moves fast and our thoughts move faster.  Our endless to do list of work, homework, house work, etc. can make us feel more like zombies than human beings.  My job as your coach is to bring you back to your human state, slow the world down for awhile and help you get clear on your personal mission(s), visions and values.  Armed with these tools, we will brainstorm, make plans, and find your own personal path to joy AND success!

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The first step in the this journey is a VERY simple one - we chat on the phone.  There is no fee and there is no sales pressure.  This is just the two of us making sure we are a good fit for the journey ahead.  

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